IT Services

SCiON specialises in the installation, service and maintenance of networking technologies. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide high end customer service and support. Our areas include:


Microsoft Linux
AVG  Novastor 


Scion can also provide Services in the below areas.


*     Internet / Intranet, email, web hosting and web page design

*     Networking, active equipment and wireless technology

*     Virus Protection solutions, including Server and Client Deployments

*     Data Recovery and Password Recovery Services

*     High End Computer Systems, for Work and Entertainment

*     VoIP Telephony and implementation

*     Network Design & Infrastructure

*     CRM - Microsoft Customer Relationship Management Software

*     Professional Development and Specialised Training

*     Medium to High End Gaming Computers.

Scion has connections with alot of other companies which can provide you with;
* Computer Lab Designs and Construction
* Electrical & Data Installation
* EWaste Recycling
* etc



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